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Terms & Conditions

1.  To give Wilkins Walkies authorisation to obtain any vetinary care that may be necessary during the time spent with my pet.  I accept responsibility for any charges related to this emergency care.  Every effort will be made to contact the owner prior to obtaining any emergency care.

2.  Wilkins Walkies accepts no responsibility for security of the premises or loss, if other individuals have  access to the ome during the term of this recruitment.  Pet care will be performed by myself ,  Jacqueline Wilkins, & you will be notified if there are to be any changes.

3.  Wilkins Walkies agrees to provide the service stated in the agreement in a reliable,caring & trustworthy manner.  In consideration of these services & as an express condition thereof, the client waives & reliquishes any & all claims against Wilkins Walkies. The client agrees to notify Wilkins Walkies of any concerns within 24 hours of any complaint.

4.  Customers will be responsible for any damages resulting from any injury to the dog walker or other persons by the pet.  The customer agrees to idemnify & hold harmless Wilkins Walkies in the event of a claim by any person injured by the pet.

5.  It is understood that Wilkins Walkies shall not be held responsible for any damage to clients property, or that of others, caused by the client’s pet during the time in which they are in her care. The client has advised Wilkins Walkies of all situations which will relieve her of liability for damage.